Case Study:
HubSpot & Implementation


hablo hubspot implementation case study


Hablo approached DigiWebHelp to implement HubSpot which provided a robust platform to streamline their marketing, sales, and student service efforts.

Disciplines used

HubSpot Implementation

Client Background

Hablo is a specialized language institute that offers Spanish language courses to individuals and organizations. They were looking for a comprehensive solution to manage their marketing and sales process more efficiently and effectively.


The Challenges

Hablo was looking to Configure HubSpot CRM to manage leads, contacts, and customer data. Also, they wanted to develop and implement an inbound marketing strategy to attract and engage potential students. Apart from that they would like to set up automated email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and drive conversions, integrate the HubSpot platform with the institute’s website and other marketing channels, and provide training and support to institute staff to effectively use the HubSpot platform.

Services + Process


Implementation and Testing

First, DWH did the initial assessment to understand Hablo’s current sales, and marketing processes. Based on the assessment, a detailed plan was developed to configure the HubSpot platform according to the institute’s specific needs. This included creating buyer personas, mapping out the student journey, and outlining content and email marketing strategies.

DWH set up and configured HubSpot to align with Hablo’s requirements. The HubSpot CRM was customized to manage leads and contacts, and integrations were established with the institute’s website and other marketing channels. Content marketing campaigns were developed, and automated email workflows were created to nurture leads and facilitate student conversions. Ongoing support was provided to address any questions or issues that arose during the implementation and beyond.


The HubSpot implementation provided Hablo with a centralized and streamlined approach. The new CRM platform allows them to effectively track and manage leads, contacts, and customer data. The inbound marketing strategy has helped attract and engage potential students. 

Automated email marketing campaigns have improved lead nurturing and conversion rates. The integration of the HubSpot platform with the institute’s website and other marketing channels has facilitated a cohesive and consistent student experience.

DWH Results

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